What's New in PTC Mathcad Prime 6.0



PTC's engineering math software, Mathcad Prime 6.0, has been released! The newest version features a new symbolic engine that gives you more control over symbolic calculations and more flexibility to incorporate enhancements and improvements. Check out these new capabilities firsthand: - Customization of margin, header, and footer dimensions - Spellcheck available option and supports multiple languages - Add hyperlinks directly in worksheets - Expanded list of print options, and find/replace subscripts or individual parts of identifiers - 2D chart application options - exporting plot as an image file - New symbolic calculation engine PTC's Application Engineer and Technical Specialist, Paul Dye, highlights all of Mathcad 6.0's new features! Some of our favorite moments: 0:37 Who is EAC? 3:03 Why use a math software like Mathcad? 4:42 Overview of Mathcad Prime 5:23 General Mathcad Prime Capabilities 7:15 New Mathcad Prime 6.0 Capabilities 8:38 Mathcad Demo _____ 8:55 Example of equation & defining values _____ 10:04 Characteristic Curves for Volume and Surface Area _____ 13:02 Password Protected Area _____ 14:20 Excel Integration (Update in real-time in Mathcad) _____ 15:08 (NEW) Create/Add Hyperlinks into worksheet _____ 15:56 (NEW) Spellcheck (Add/Remove Dictionary) _____ 16:27 (NEW) Proofing Languages 16:45 Value of Mathcad 17:55 Time Limited Offer: Mathcad Promotions Learn more about Mathcad here: https://eacpds.com/products/ptc-mathcad/

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