Mechanical or Aerospace? Construction or Civil? Biomedical or Mechanical? #AskAnEngineer E017

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Should you study mechanical or aerospace engineering? Construction or civil engineering? Biomedical or mechanical engineering? Which one will help you get a job in the space industry? How to get a job in the space industry? Episode 017 of the 1 minute Ask an Engineer Show, where you submit a question for an engineer, and I try to answer it in 1min. This week I decided to revisit an ever-so-popular question that I'm constantly getting: "which degree should I get?" My answer... listen to find out! #AskAnEngineer ⚙️SUBSCRIBE! ⚙️FACEBOOK: ⚙️LINKEDIN: ⚙️PODCAST: ◼️ITUNES: ◼️GOOGLE PLAY:,_Engineering,_Technology,_Math,_and_Women%26pcampaignid%3DMKT-na-all-co-pr-mu-pod-16 ◼️TUNEIN: ◼️STITCHER: ◼️SOUNDCLOUD: ◼️ANCHOR: ⚙️INSTAGRAM: @stemininevlog ⚙️TWITTER: @STEMinineVlog ⚙️PINTEREST: STEMinine (I have my bookshelf here!)

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Published at: ۲ years ago
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