one ingredient for facial beauty / toner ,facial and mask by using fennel /saunf. eng sub,urdu,hindi



LIFESTYLE by Dr Salma Waqas....... its all about your health ,beauty and your awareness about your diet .Main aim is motivating all of you towards a healthy lifestyle.its the idea about your outer beauty emerges from your inner health and that comes from FEELING GOOD and BEING HAPPY . Beauty is impossible without health because if you are not feeling well you cannot look beautiful .there are thousand of other things that happen in our daily life that make you slip or give you an excuse to give up your good habits or quit taking care of your healthy lifestyle so this channel is the MOTIVATION TOWARDS HEALTHY LIFESTYLE TO FEEL HAPPY . ITS ABOUT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE EATING NOW AND WHAT YOU SHOULD EAT FOR YOUR BLESSED LIFE .Do not waste your life by unhealthy lifestyle .life is a blessing so take care of your life by caring and feeding it right . When you are healthy and happy then you can take care of your family ,you can make other people healthy be healthy and make other people happy .take care of your health

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