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IDEAS AND INSPIRATION ARE KEY FOR YOUR EVOLUTION AS AN ARTIST. IT DOESN'T NECESSARILY ALWAYS COME FROM THE EXPECTED EITHER. TAKE A LOOK AT SOME OF THESE CLIPS OF SOME WONDROUS AND OBSCURE TALENTS TO INSPIRE AND ENTERTAIN YOU. ( ) Check Out These Amazing Artists: I THE CRAFTER Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Shop: This artist certainly has skills for creating miniatures. Using colored polymer clay, she accurately depicts captivating pieces. All details are considered in her extraordinary work! CARL KRULL Instagram: Facebook: Carl is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen, his practice primarily centers around drawing, various kinds of animation techniques and videos. MICHELLE WEN Instagram: Youtube: Web: Shop: Michelle is an artist and teacher in Brooklyn, and is an expert in handmade ceramic figure creations. YULIA SHERBAK Instagram: This hand embroiderer from Ohio creates the most amazing tiny animal portraits with his art. It's amazing! ONCE UPON A CHARM Instagram: Tiktok: Shop: This amazing artist believes in celebrating culture through her art. Check her cool handmade polymer clay pieces, they are amazing! SALVENTIUS Instagram: Youtube: Web: Shop: Niels Kiené Salventius is an artist known for his one line drawings. What does this mean? It means that the pencil doesn’t stop being in contact with the paper (not even once) until the piece is finished. With this special technique and his ability, his artworks are surrealistic and mesmerizing at the same time, each unique piece transmitting a lot. UASIS Instagram: Youtube: Uasis is a dessert artist who creates amazingly cute decorations. Her pieces are full of details and don't miss on her meringue creations! ANASTASIA SAFONOVA Instagram: Shop: This artist designs aesthetic patterns in her paintings. She bets on a personal style to make her work truly unique! AIRBRUSH CUSTOMS Instagram: Youtube: Shop: Dale is an airbrush artist. He creates custom t-shirts and hats for basically any occasion or theme you wish. His pieces are all handmade and beautifully made. AVSO Web: If you are looking for interior decoration ideas, on its website you will undoubtedly find thousands of ideas that you will love. PAPERBOYO Instagram: Facebook: Rich McCor known as paperboyo creates photographies changing his reality with drawings. His work became so famous Will Smith collaborated in one of his videos. Don't miss out on his new projects! EXPRESSION BY NADA Instagram: Shop: Nada Khatib is a Canadian artist with a "secret weapon: her palette knife" as she describes in her Bio. This is the tool she uses to create lively textures. Most of her paintings represent the beautiful nature. FUNNY SNOWMEN TAKPROSTOTAK Instagram: Tiktok: This crafter is a master of leather pieces. Check his incredible wallets, bags and more! KSENIIA ZMANOVSKAIA Instagram: Web: JACKIE O Instagram: Jackie is the owner of Balloon Creations. She is an international award-winning balloon artist and instructor specializing in balloon entertainment and decor. She makes the cutest balloons with different themes like birthday parties. KENNY SING Instagram: Kenny Sing is a ceramic artist and graphic designer with over 13 years of experience, working with clay since he was 16 years old. The foundation of his work has always been about the marriage of clay and technology. His handmade pottery it’s just special. Very special. Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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