Alice the FEMALE ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER from Australia // Women in STEM Fields

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Please watch: "What I've gained from studying abroad | Should you study abroad?" --~-- This series aims at showcasing various women in STEM fields and sharing their experiences with anyone interested in pursuing the field. Alice is an environmental engineer from Australia. She's currently conducting her masters at ETH Zurich after spending 6 years in industry. Alice touches on her master's project in groundwater modeling and the opportunities for women in industry. She brings up the challenges of working in Europe, gives advice for anyone thinking of pursuing engineering, and she talks about the ratio of women in engineering in Australia. You can watch part 2 of her interview here: ____________________________________________________________________ ⚙️Have any questions? I might've answered them! Check out this video where I answer 73 questions: ⚙️INSTAGRAM: @rivertechjess ⚙️TWITTER: @rivertechjess ⚙️PINTEREST: STEMinine (I have my bookshelf here!)

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