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Support the stream: Playing Gran Turismo Sport participating in FIA Manufacturer. Thanks for watching! Below is the discord link for the channel. The benefit is to see when I go live, share liveries and get news about GT Sport. Feel free to join. Discord: Playing Gran Turismo Sport. Participating in the FIA Manufacturer in a different region. Thanks for watching! Below are links to the Fanatec Wheel/Pedals that i'm using and below this are my recommended settings for GT Sport. I hope this helps everyone! Fanatec Wheel Bundle: Fanatec Loadcell Kit: Here are my wheel recommendation settings to make this wheel feel better out of the box: (Don't forget to update to latest firmware prior to use) Advanced settings in GT Sport: Torque - 1 Sensitivity - 1 Fanatec wheel settings: Sen - 75 (This is degree of rotation) FF - 100 Sho - Off ABS - 100 DR1 - Off For - 100 Spr - 100 DPR - Off Brf - 20 (This is break force. Add this number higher if you want more pressure for full breaking) Fei - Off (This setting is how strong rumbles will be. If it's too much and loud, move this down to 50) Thanks for watching! Using PS4 Pro. "I'm not going to crash into anyone, or race dirty. If I can't pass you clean, then i'm not good enough." -Z28 Subscribe if you enjoy watching clean, competitve racing. High Quality Streams using Elgato, PS4 Pro console and T300RS wheel.

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