Devs Are Ignoring the Huge Problem With Overwatch

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With Overwatch 2 heavily in development, it's important that we, the dedicated PvP audience stand up and be heard, or else we will be abandoned while Blizzard chase the profits of their next game. The balance of the game fundamentally doesn't work for the format we currently have and without a backbone of competitive rulesets or at least competitive balancing, power creep has taken over the game, left with the higher tiers of play to play one of the least engaging and skillful metas ever. This may not hurt middle to lower ranks as badly, but it still hurts the game overall. Those players watch the content creators to learn to play and the health of the game at least in part can be judged by the active playerbase as well as the active viewerbase on Twitch or the number of streamers dedicating to the game. In it's current state and trajectory, Overwatch is built to be casual, which doesn't work for those who want to play competitively, so they just leave. Overwatch has an identity crisis where the game can't handle another year of a meta as boring as GOATS (I'd argue 2x barrier is even worse) as Blizzard pretends that ALL the balancing during the GOATS era was intended for 2-2-2 when all the evidence seems to point the opposite... or at least RESULT in the opposite. Overwatch Devs need to stop blaming the players for "Gaming" the systems they've created and instead create better systems. When phrases are said like those here, dismissing the understanding of the game from the high level community, it really makes us wonder if Blizzard cares at all. With games like Project A looming around the corner, let's just say a lot of us content creators are sure getting excited for a game to treat the concerns of their players seriously in an esports game. Shout outs to HITSCAN & OWL Recap SVB Podcast I guest on, lookout for the next ep! OUR VARIETY STREAM! Subscribe here - We are YOUR OVERWATCH: Patreon - Twitter - Discord Server:

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