2 Ways To Solo Over Dominant 7th - Gypsy Jazz Guitar Secrets Lesson

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Free Download ➜ http://www.gypsyjazzcrashcourse.com Download your free Gypsy Jazz Crash Course! Simon from Canada was asking for some ways to improvise over Dominant 7th chords in his solos. There are many but here's 2. 1. Diminished. Play a diminished arpeggio starting on the 3rd of the chord you're playing over. So over E7 you will start on the G#. Over C7 you will build the diminished arpeggio from the E natural. Remember it doesn't have to be fancy or technical to sound cool! 2. Build some licks and phrases using the E9-5 chord I play in the video. So the notes are from the top D-Bb-F#-D-B-G# This has a cool sound and the Bb adds the tension nicely which you can resolve to the B natural. With both ideas physically see the shape and where it happens on the neck in relation to the chord you're playing over. This helps with internalising these concepts. There are many more but these will help you right away! Stay Inspired, Robin If you have a question about gypsy jazz just zap me a email: questions@gypsyjazzsecrets.com and check out my Gypsy Jazz Songbook Series here: ➜ http://www.gypsyjazzguitarnow.com

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