Use Somebody - One Direction TORONTO



I loove One Direction. I think I have One Direction Infection ;) These guys complete my life. I'm soo proud of what they have become, from the 5 ordinary boys who auditioned for Xfactor, to 5 extraordinary heart-throbs who are taking the world by storm! Their album recently became #1 in Canada & US in a matter of minutes, which is INCREDIBLE! They're a couple of down to earth guys, who are very humble and deserve all the fame they get. My ultimate dream is to one day meet them up close. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love these guys, they're gonna become BIG one day, I knows it! I just hopes they keep doing what they do, and to not let the media or fame to change them. These boys are massively talented and the world needs to hear them! I love all the guys equally, I don't think I can pick a favourite. They make me laugh, when I am sad and cheer me up. I have loved them ever since Xfactor and will continue to support these boys wherever life may take them.

Published by: Rachel V
Published at: 9 years ago
Category: سرگرمی