Hey everybody! Here's my new and improved DAILY Vlog for April 17th 2017! Today, we go to Best Buy, eat do much Mexican food, do some long over due cleaning, answer comments and more!! I hope you enjoy! I’ve finally gone and done it! The blog is officially a daily blog! I’m a week behind right now, but over time we will catch up to a more “real time” approach! Thanks for being a very cool part of this nerdy community! SUPPORT this channel with a donation: Buy Zeppo: Sinners From Beyond the Moon! on Amazon: Buy What I Know Right Now CD or MP3 by Eric Butts on Amazon: #Vlog #Blog #Update #YouTuber #LiveStream #GoPro #Karma #Drone *************************************************** HELP MY CHANNEL GROW! *************************************************** SUBSCRIBE to my Channel: SUPPORT this channel with a donation: GET a 10% discount off your first POP IN A BOX order? Click here: Or, enter my code at check out: ERIC-RL Shop on AMAZON and get me a finders fee at no cost to you, just use my link! Shop AMAZON Link: ************************************************* MORE ABOUT ME! ************************************************* My Website: Xbox Gamer Tag: LegendOfZeppo FaceBook: Twitter: Instagram: **************************************************** WRITE ME! **************************************************** The Eric Butts 1588 Leestown Road STE 130-155 Lexington, KY 40511 ****************************************************

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