Zenni Frames that Flatter your Face Shape - Women

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Do you have a round, square, heart, pear, oval or diamond face shape? Zenni & Silvia Reis have teamed together to help you figure our what your face shape is and then which frames will most flatter your face shape. When you visit our website, you have the opportunity to take a photo hitting ""Try On"" or upload a photo of yourself hitting ""use Zenni Frame Fit"" and the different glasses will be placed on your face exactly how they would look in real life! Visit our website now to give it a try. For Women: https://bit.ly/2Y6tnYs For Men: https://bit.ly/2GtOQiZ For Kids: https://bit.ly/2OeVLmy Keep in touch with Zenni on social media and check out which frames flatter our models best! https://www.facebook.com/ZenniOptical https://www.pinterest.com/zennioptical/ https://twitter.com/zennioptical https://www.instagram.com/zennioptical/

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