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Hello and welcome to another fantastic and exciting episode. Today, we are going to investigate cartoon transformations, Procreate tips and lots of other cool, quirky ideas that will get you motivated in no time. Here at Quantastic, we love to share artists and creative ideas with you, not only for you to enjoy but to inspire you to explore your own creative side too. Check Out These Amazing Artists: DESART DESTRO Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Facebook: Onur Destro aka Desart Destro is a digital artist from germany. Mainly working with the Ipad Pro and the program Procreate. CAELOARTS Instagram: Tiktok: If you are interested in a commission please message directly on instagram or Via email at JULIA GISELLA Instagram: Tiktok: Julia Gisella is a German-born artist specializing in portrait drawing KEVIN LUSTGARTEN Instagram: Tiktok: Kevin likes to twist reality with his amazing imagination. His work is done using low budget visual effects, making his work even more impressive and crazy! 喵小呜的盒子 Youtube: Douyin ID: playfuldot 匠才才 Instagram: Douyin ID: jcc1923 喵小呜的盒子 Youtube: Douyin ID: playfuldot POLOCHKA Tumblr: NASTY KOSYANOVA Instagram: BRENT ARTMAN Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Facebook: An Arizona native working to bring a unique art form to the southwest. Using unique oxidation techniques created when welding. MOFART PHOTOMONTAGES Instagram: QIMMY SHIMMY Instagram: ELEPEINTS Instagram: STUDIO BENDETTO Instagram: 来支铅笔 Douyin ID: pp797846 张是非的雕刻学堂 Douyin ID: zhangshifei 罗元 Instagram: Douyin ID: luoyuan1994 PHYBYN Instagram: Tiktok: This artist creates the most beautiful artworks using clay! FAISAL WARSANI Instagram: Youtube: Web: Faisal Warsani is a tropical landscape artist from Chicago who paints stunnning beach pieces Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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