PXG Gen2 Irons Review - 0311T 0311P 0311XF 0311SGI

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I review all the new 4 models from PXG....the Gen2 models in 0311T 0311P 0311XF & 0311SGI using launch monitor and looking at data on ball flight as well as my own personal views on the look and feel of each iron. See how an online Golf Lesson with Michael can help your golf game...... https://youtu.be/0u0TNiowIK8 Purchase an online Golf Lesson with Michael safely using PayPal through his website (scroll down to the bottom of web page)..... http://michaelnewtongolf.co.uk/lesson-packages/ Subscribe To My Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMigimBIRQCYqo4PVvO0NSQ Twitter - https://twitter.com/MNGolfCoach Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mngolfcoach/?hl=en E-mail - michael@lythamgolfacademy.co.uk Website - www.michaelnewtongolf.co.uk

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Published at: ۱ year ago
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