Frozen 2: Every Character's Powers Ranked

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So Many Characters Have Powers In This Disney Sequel Subscribe to our channel: In the first Frozen we met royal sisters Anna and Elsa, and learned about Elsa’s magical ice powers. The revelation of Elsa’s powers was greeted with fear and suspicion in the kingdom of Arendelle. But by the time the movie ended, Elsa had learned to control her magic and her kingdom had learned to accept her unique gifts. Yet one big question remains: Why does Elsa have magical powers in the first place? That’s the question Frozen 2 answers, and in the process, lots more magic will be introduced. In Frozen 2 we meet new magical creatures, discover more of what Elsa can do, and even enter an Enchanted Forest. In this video we’re ranking the powers we’re likely to encounter in the film. From Arendelle’s wise and wondrous trolls to magical animals straight out of Norse mythology to possible powers for Elsa’s family members, there’s plenty of powerful magic in Frozen 2.

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