Set battery Charging limit to extend the Android battery lifespan

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I’m sure you’ve read about how you can improve your Android device’s battery life. Things such as overcharging are one of many things that can shorten your battery’s lifespan but set a charging limit on Android smartphone is a life saver. If you do your homework and follow the many tips out there, your phone’s battery should last for quite some time. ResearchGate found that if you only charge your phone’s battery to 85%, it will last longer than if you charge 100%. But, it can be almost a mission impossible trying to guess at what time the battery will reach 85%. Good thing that there’s an app that will prevent your phone from being charged over the threshold you set up. In order for this to work you’re going to need a rooted Android device, Unknown Sources enabled and Android 4.4 or higher. If you meet all the requirements, the next thing you need to do is run a small test to see if the app will work on your phone. This test in necessary since the app will not work on every single Android device out there. Even if you meet the three requirements. Download Link:- Video URL:- Facebook:- Twitter:- #Like #share #Subscribe

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