Amaliyate Mahde Koodak | عملیات مهد کودک (Operation Kindergarten)

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داستان فیلم روایتگر چند کودک است که برای جلب توجه والدینشان دست به کار بزرگی می‌زنند و… Some children decide to keep their parents at home with the assistance of an angel so they can play with them. Alireza Khamse (علیرضا خمسه), Akbar Abdi (اکبر عبدی‎), Shamsi Fazlollahi ( شمسی فضل الهی ), Narges Mohammadi ( نرگس محمدی ), Hesam Navab Safavi ( سید حسام نواب‌صفوی ), Sorush Sehhat ( سروش صحت ), Maryam Saadat, Farzad Hassani ( فرزاد حسنی ), Behnoosh Bakhtiari (بهنوش بختیاری‎), Leila Bolookat ( لیلا بلوکات ), Shabnam Farshadjoo ( شبنم فرشادجو ), Ali Eskandari, Ali Reza Khamseh ( علیرضا خمسه ), Farzad Ajdari, Operation Kindergarten - Amaliyate Mahde Koodak - عملیات مهد کودک, Amaliyate Mahde Koodak - عملیات مهد کودک, عملیات مهد کودک, koodak, amaliyat, amaliat, amliat, amliyat, amalyat, Amaliyate Mahde Koodak, amaliat mahd kudak, amaliat mahd koodak, amaliat mahd koudak, amalyat mahd koodak, nursery operations, kindergarten, kindergarden, kinder garten, nursery, operations, kinder, operations nursery, operation nursery, operation kindergarten, operations kindergarten, amaliate mahde koodak, amaliate mahde koudak Welcome to the official IMVBox Youtube Channel. IMVBox is an online distribution platform established in September 2013 to support Iranian cinema. It offers both classic Iranian films and the latest titles out of Tehran. At present IMVBox holds exclusive rights for over 1,600 titles and films are being added to the collection gradually. Besides its extensive collection of documentaries, and short and feature films, IMVBox also provides its visitors with up-to-date and in-depth information on Iranian actors, filmmakers, producers and screenwriters. IMVBox's profile was heightened over the summer of 2014, when it won appraisal from the Iranian film industry. In early May the Iranian Students News Agency carried a piece that described IMVBox's work in combating online piracy. Sharing the love for #iraniancinema Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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