how to get your veins to pop out of your arms

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Vitamin K cream- Majority of people already know the best tip for getting veins is dropping body fat percentage, preferably in the 8-10% range. This range will allow your veins to show. But what are some other cool tricks that you can do to get your veins to show? 1) One easy trick to get your veins to show is to have a warm shower. Don’t have too hot of a shower, to where you burn yourself or too hot that you pass out, but just having a warm shower will make your blood vessels dilate. When more blood passes through your veins, more heat is lost to the environment, keeping you cool. Most people want to take a picture to show off their veins, so this trick right here, will allow you about 15 minutes to take that picture that you are looking for. 2) Do Farmer Walks. Farmer walks are probably the best overall exercise that you can possibly do to get your veins to pop. The reason for this is because you are doing a static hold on the dumbbells as you walk. Yes there are other forearm exercises out their, but the reason why I like the farmer walk is because it also trains your traps, your core, your calves and your quads. So if your looking to have good veins, but also looking to get jacked in the process, this movement will be the best bang for your buck 3) Use Vitamin K cream on your arm veins. Vitamin K helps to fortify capillaries, thereby strengthening your blood vessels, and making them pop more. I will put some in the description box if you guys want to buy them 4) Get a quick pump. For example do 30 pushups or do 30 pullups, or do both. If you are going somewhere or taking a picture and you want your veins to pop them quick some blood flowing in them. A lot of bodybuilders will do push ups before going to a club to get a quick pump, so there arms are swole. This same trick will work for your veins, when you exercise your veins will start to show a lot more. This is just a quick trick, if you want long term results, than start exercising and dieting daily. 5) End of video thanks for watching

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