Amazing LEGO Creations & 16 Other Cool Things ▶3

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LEGO blocks originated in the Billund, Denmark, workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen, who began making wooden toys in 1932. Now it's a well-known toy brand, with a theme park, movies and videogames. In today's video, you can find incredible ideas made with legos and other materials. Enjoy! PLUGTOWNBCN Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Plugtown was born from the passion for the sneakers world and conveys its identity through Streetwear fashion.We enjoy representing the new generations, those with a perception and attitude towards a new way of life and the Hypbeast culture. DANTE DENTONI Instagram: Dante Dentoni Is well-known for imbedding Lego art into walls, beams and ceilings, the Miami-based artist's work has achieved international recognition VICTOR HAEGELIN Instagram: Lord Victor Haegelin is a Film Director & Stop-Motion Anima Director JOSH HERNANDEZ Instagram: Tiktok: Web: This artits uses charcoal to make portraits and sketches with differnt techniques RUDY WILLINGHAM Instagram: Tiktok: Facebook: Shop: Rudy is A social media marketer, advertising copywriter, street artist, photographer DERYA Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Derya is a young creator who share her artistic vibes and creations ROB THE ORIGINAL Instagram: Tiktok: Web: This barber's creativity is beyond anything you've seen. What he can create with your hair is crazy. Maybe not the best option for a wedding though… しんらしんげ Instagram: Other: Shin is an illustrator from Japan. His art has a way of telling itself through images. He creates scenes and plays them using basically anything, from tabaco boxes to cups. MILAN SEKIZ Flickr: Instagram: STEVE GERLING Linkedin: EVERDROBE Web: JOSS WOODYARD Instagram: BRICK SCIENCE Instagram: Youtube: Brick Science is a DIY show where you can find lego tutorials of any kind ANDREI KAZANTSEV Instagram: Youtube: Andrei Kazantsev creates incredible welded sculptures on demand THE TOY STORE UK TOMYOO Instagram: LEGO Web: LEGOLAND WINDSOR Web: BRENT WALLER Instagram: JEFF SANDERS Instagram: Youtube: Other:Twitter: Elsewhere: In this account, geometrical bending art is created out of Legos GINA Tiktok: This funny tiktoker has a special gift to build lego pieces. ALINA EVGRAFOVA Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Alina Evgrafova is an SFX & makeup artist who shares all the BTS of her designs and tutorials on TikTok MISS MORRIS Instagram: Tiktok: Facebook: Other: Shop: Kyle Morris describes herself as the most easy-going person you will ever meet, and shares her comedy and art with epoxy on TikTok FYNN JACKSON Instagram: Youtube: Shop: Fynn Jackson is an origami sculptor SOO MIN KIM 김수민 Instagram: Youtube: Soo Min Kim 김수민 is an artist and illustrator who creates funny scenes with Starbucks cups

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