Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Replacement

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Parts available at (affiliate link) For more information visit: At about 8:00 be sure to remove the plastic that is stuck to the heat sync. How to replace your Samsung Galaxy S4 AMOLED screen. Charging port removal at 2:50 In this video I am using a pre-assembled lens/digitizer/AMOLED frame. This costs slightly more than the part without a frame but saves a lot of time and is a lot less messy than prying the old screen off of the frame. You get the added benefit of a new bezel so that any damage to the existing one will be fixed. Be careful when transferring the components as Samsung likes to use a lot of adhesive to secure them to the frame. Prying without using heat can easily cause tears in the flex cables. Using the information included in this video you can also replace the charging port, speakers and vibrator. If your replacement frame does not include volume rocker and power buttons you can move those as well but it is often necessary to pull the inner rubber part of the buttons through with a pair of tweezers. You should have a thin pry tool, a double zero "00" Phillips screwdriver and a heat gun. An ice pick also comes in handy for prying the speaker away from the housing. Always be sure to remove your SIM card and micro SD before separating the rear panel from the phone. Parts and tools: Facebook Twitter

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