Ice Age 3 Nom Edit - Momma T-Rex Eats Sid Ver. 2

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Ice Age 3 does NOT belong to me. It belongs to 20th Century Fox (now Studios). However, this is an edited scene that I, Sheryno, created. Yeah, this video is like 95% same as my very first upload and I made it about 1,5 years ago, but hey, if anyone's interested, you might still like it. I was told that it would be worth uploading (I honestly don't think, but OK). It still took me a couple of days to make 3 seconds of this animation AND coloring it, so... Here you go, a different angle of Momma eating Sid. For more artworks and animations, visit my FA page: If you like my content, you can support me and buy me some coffee right here: I would REALLY appreciate it. And don't forget to like and subscribe! :)

Published by: Sheryno
Published at: 1 year ago