RUST Foundation Freehand Placement / Floor Stacking Tutorial

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The freehand placement of foundations has enabled novel building techniques, such as floor stacking, multi-tc building without having to build out 8 squares, and new types of stability- and old-school roof bunkers. This video is a tutorial on floor stacking / freehand placement of foundations that summarizes what I learned from the inventor and grand master of the technique: Budsatawny. CREDIT LIST * Budsatawny's Channel: * Cohen's Alignment Strategy: * Rula Novelis' Alignment Strategy: * Salty's Alignment Strategy: * Budsatawny - Floor-Stacked 2x2: * Budsatawny - Tritc Tutorial With Lower music volume: * Viceless Gaming - The Chad Bunker: MUSIC * Jobii - Derive * Osoku - Futon * Jobii - Gummies * Osoku - Nami * Jobii - Berk Jam DISCORD WEBSITE

Published by: Evil Wurst
Published at: 2 years ago