Random Villain Defeats 1

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Villain Quotes And Clips: "PINGAS!"- Dr. Robotnik From The Irregular Show Episode 4 "Impossible! Samurai Rangers, hear me now! You have won this battle, but our quest to rule your world will never end. You may have defeated me, but the Nighlok will rise again!” -Master Xandred from Power Rangers Samurai "Finally! You got here just in time to see the creation of my galaxy in the center of the universe! WATCH AND WEEP! From this galaxy, I'll rule a great galactic empire with Peach by my side. It will last forever! I will rule every pitiful corner of the universe. So, Mario, as you can see, I got big plans. And stomping you is at the top of my list!"- Bowser From Super Mario Galaxy "That's Me. The World's Strongest Engine"- Diesel From Thomas & Friends "ROAAAR!"-Spinosaurus From Jurassic Park 3 "....." -Robert The Tire From Rubber "Beging The Download Now"- Venjix The Virus From Power Rangers R.P.M. Help us caption & translate this video! https://amara.org/v/oTZN/

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