How To Play Retro Sega Saturn Games On Your Jailbroken PS4! | Widescreen Support & Import Box-Art!

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Good afternoon, YouTube & the PlayStation 4 Homebrew/Modding Community! Today I will be teaching you guys how to play classic/retro Sega Saturn Games on your Jailbroken PS4! For starters I will be covering how to utilize the SATURN-FPKG 1.1 GUI Tool, that converts .bin/cue Sega Saturn ROMs into fake package (PKG) files. This tool features a plethora of functions such as full widescreen mode (16:9) & the ability to import custom icons & game borders in-game & even custom INI configuration files. Lastly, here are the following topics that I will be covering in this comprehensive guide: • How to convert .bin/cue Sega Saturn ROMs to FPKG. • How to get original cover art for your Sega Saturn Games. ~~~~~ ⚠️Important Information: For this process as of 1/7/2021 according to developer notes, this method only works on 9.00 Firmware. Additionally, some games might need to be configured with the 4MB RAM Cartridge to have better performance, for instance, it’s noted that Street Fighter Zero 3 needs extra ram for better animation in-game. Everything you'll need will be in the description down below & in the pinned comment. If you have any questions, feel free to join my official Discord or leave a comment below! Team Nagato Official Discord: ~~~~~ Chapters/Timestamps! 0:00 - Introduction 0:10 - B-Roll Footage of Sega Saturn Games | Virtua Fighter 2, Sonic R, Daytona USA 1:19 – Nagato | General synopsis + Disclaimers & Prerequisites 3:14 - PC Setup 4:30 - PC Setup | Reading SATURN-FPKG 1.1 Change-logs & important info. 7:00 - PC Setup | Downloading SATURN-FPKG 1.1 7:12 - Where To Get Original Sega Saturn Box-Art | Libretro Thumbnails repo 8:24 - PS4 Box-Art Template File "Icon_Template_512x512.png" 8:49 - Unzipping/Extracting SATURN-FPKG 1.1 GUI 9:18 - SATURN-FPKG 1.1 GUI Setup 10:00 - Creating Our Original Box-Art Icon for the PS4 with Photoshop 11:49 - Explaining the 1MB RAM vs 4MB Ram feature 12:28 - Explaining Various Options | Widescreen support, Borders, etc. 13:03 - Converting/Creating our Sega Saturn Fake Package File. 13:32 - Verifying That Our USB Filesystem is either FAT32 or exFAT 14:17 - Reformatting Our USB Drive to exFAT or FAT32 Filesystem 14:55 - Transferring our PKG "Sega Saturn Rom" to our USB device. 15:37 - PS4 Setup Initializing The Jailbreak + Verifying We On 9.00 FW. 16:07 - Al Azif Exploit Host Setup 16:42 - Running GoldHEN Payload 17:30 - Verifying that you have GoldHEN enabled + Debug Settings! 18:13 - Installing your Sega Saturn PKG File 18:52 - Launching Sega Rally Championship 20:42 - Listing Other Compatible/Non-Compatible Sega Saturn Titles 21:01 - How to get support/help! 21:13 - Outro | Special Thanks & Patreon ~~~~~ ★ Additional Information: • This video guide is only for users, who are on 9.00 Firmware and LOWER. If you're on 9.03+ firmware you can't run this exploit on your console. • This exploit requires a USB device. • Compatibility may vary, as this is utilizing emulated software-based of SEGASaturnEmulator-SSF. For instance, I had tried the US version of Nights into dreams under both cartridge configurations: • 1MB RAM Cartridge • 4MB RAM Cartridge Which resulted in a black screen for me while booting up the game. Hopefully, this was just a fluke, and you guys might have a solution for me on how to get this particular title running! ~~~~~ ★ Prerequisites: • A PlayStation 4 that is on firmware 9.00 or lower. • A PC *To download files* + A Wi-Fi connection. • A USB that is specifically to initialize the out-of-bounds jailbreak (pOOBs4) on 9.00. (The USB that is flashed with the exfathax.img • Al Azif DNS WebKit Exploit Host • • • USB Stick formatted to either EXFAT or FAT32 • A Sega Saturn rom in .bin/cue format. • SATURN-FPKG 1.1 GUI • Photoshop or any graphic editor of your choice. (To resize your original box-art). • Icon_Template_512x512.png file: ~~~~~ ★ Downloads/Supplementary Readings: ➤ SATURN-FPKG GUI Article: ➤ SATURN-FPKG GUI: ➤ Sega Saturn CoverArt: ➤ Icon_Template_512x512.png file: ➤ PS4 DarthSternie Repo 9.00 Firmware: ➤ PS4 9.00 Kernel Exploit | pOOBs4 GitHub: ➤ Al Azif PS4 Exploit Host: ➤ Al Azif DNS: Primary - | Secondary - ~~~~~ ★ Credits: ➤ Jabu – SATURNFPKG GUI ~~~~~ #PS4Jailbreak #SegaSaturn #GoldHEN

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