How I shade skin //light skin// ibispaintX

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⭐✨You can buy me some tea here 🍵✨⭐ link to the brushes- I will make another Tutorial on darker skin too! we gotta include the beautiful chocolate skin colored as well, so yeah I'll make that soon so don't call me racist 😂😭 cuz I am not, all Colors are beautiful. Okay please do not- remake my Tutorial and not give credit (what's the point anyways? aside from clout) of course you can remake it into another language. no- you don't NEED to give credit when you use this Tutorial cuz my skin coloring is not unique XD please don't be negitive twords yourself in the comments and say things like "you are better then me" "I could never-" or anything like that 😔♥️ okay thank you so much! and I got a little fever now TvT so..... yeah- I might not post till the end of next week. Thank you so much! and I don't do shout outs TvT

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Published at: 1 year ago