Defeats Of My Favorite Villains 23

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Villains' Quotes: "GLOAW!" -Megalodon "To the contrarily! Thanks to you, I will be able to finally find the reset button and reformat all of Cyberspace to my own personal specification!"-The Hacker "Rest in pieces."-Bad Cop "Nothing personal, it's just business. "Lord" Business, Ciao!” -Lord Business "Me! It was all me, James. It's always been me: the author of all your pain!” -Franz Oberhauser/Ernst Stavro Blofeld "I'm The Bad Spy, I'm The Bad Guy, This Music Show Has Been A Trick, I Am Sneaky And I'm Quick. I'm The Bad Spy, I'm The Bad Guy, I Took Things You Made Today And Now There Is No Party. 'Cause I'm The Bad Spy!" -The Bad Spy "ROAAR!!"-King Kong "I, Dr. Robotnik, scientist extraordinaire, have finally completed my greatest invention ever! I call it the Hyper Metal Sonic!"-Dr. Robotnik "That staff she's holding can control water. I must make it mine!"-Zeta "AAAAHHH!"- Reznor Clips From: The Meg The Cyberchase Movie The LEGO Movie Spectre Yo Gabba Gabba Godzilla Vs. King Kong Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie Shimmer and Shine New Super Mario Bros 2

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