Paw Patrol Race and Go Mobile Pit Stop

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Our friends Paw Patrol Rescue Chase Race and Go, Rescue Rubble Race and Go, Rescue Marshall Race and Go and Rescue Skye Race and Go decides to make some races to have fun in their new Deluxe Race and Go Vehicles. To approach the race track they uses the new rescue mobile pit stop truck. They are enjoying and having so much fun when raider calls them to rescue a little boy trapped over a tree and a little pig who falls into the water when was drinking water. Raider calls from the new mighty pups lookout tower and sends the ultimate Paw patrol Rescue fire truck with a huge ladder. Toys for kids: Paw Patrol Zuma Rocky Marshall Skye Chase Rubble Ryder transforms in Mighty Pups and takes the fire truck and goes to the rescue to safe the day. They will rescue the little kid using their great ladder and the little pig using their mechanic arm and the ladder. PAW Patrol - Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck with Extendable 2 Foot Tall Ladder IRE TRUCK TOY: Save the day with Marshall’s Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck Equipped with a 2 ft tall extendable ladder, mini fire cart, light and sounds, this fire truck is ready for action packed missions LAUNCH WATER CANNONS: Use the water cannon launchers on the front and back of this vehicle to put out fires Turn the yellow knob or press the button to launch the water cannons EXTEND THE 2 FT TALL LADDER: This Fire Truck has lots of exciting features to explore Extend the 2 ft tall ladder, roll out the Mini Fire Cart, open up the lookout cab and move the working claw arm to help save the day on your next Ultimate Rescue Spin Master New! Paw Patrol Ready Race Rescue - Race & Go Deluxe Skye Chase Rubble Marshall Vehicle & Figure Rev up for rescues with PAW Patrol’s Marshall Rubble Skye Chase and his Race & Go Deluxe Vehicle, found exclusively at Walmart! Marshall’s classic fire truck has transformed into a sleek race car with realistic detailing, a cool spoiler and pull-back motor! Swapping his rescue uniform for a red racing suit and helmet, Ready, Race, Rescue Marshall (figure included) is fired up for adventure! When it’s time to race to the rescue, place Marshall behind the wheel. Pull the vehicle back and watch it go – with a pull-back motor feature, Marshall’s car races straight into adventure, while making real racing sounds! You can also roll Marshall’s vehicle by hand and activate the sounds by pressing the PAW Patrol button on top of the vehicle. Load Marshall’s Race & Go Vehicle into the Mobile Pit Stop Team Vehicle (sold separately) for a quick tire change and refuel, then get back to the rescue! Create even more exciting high-speed rescue adventures for the Ready, Race, Rescue pups and their Race & Go Deluxe Vehicles PULL-BACK MOTOR: Get revved up for adventure with Marshall’s Race & Go Deluxe Vehicle, found exclusively at Walmart! With a pull-back motor feature, pull back and release the vehicle to go on your next mission! REAL RACING SOUNDS: Marshall’s vehicle makes authentic race car sounds, such as engine revving and tire squealing! To activate the sounds, pull the vehicle back and release, or push the PAW Patrol button on top of the vehicle! PAW Patrol, Ready, Race, Rescue Mobile Pit Stop Team Vehicle with SoundsThe PAW Patrol are ready to race and rescue with their Mobile Pit Stop Team Vehicle! This Walmart exclusive new team vehicle is equipped with everything the pups need to race to the rescue, without stopping! With realistic race car-inspired details, like a checkered pattern and sleek spoiler, and working wheels, kids can push the Mobile Pit Stop with one hand, lower the back ramp, and drive the exclusive Chase vehicle and figure (both included) into the back. Chase’s vehicle can get a quick tune-up, refuel and be ready to go in no time! Push the top two tire-shaped buttons to activate real sounds or make the vehicle transform! When kids push the transformation button, the panel flips open into a race command center and features a built-in vehicle launcher! Push the yellow button to launch the race car and continue racing! The Mobile Pit Stop safely closes up until the next race, with room for up to three pups and a vehicle inside. Go on high-speed adventures with the PAW Patrol pups and their Ready, Race, Rescue Mobile Pit Stop Team Vehicle! MOBILE PIT STOP TEAM VEHICLE TOY: The Mobile Pit Stop transforms without slowing down! Lower the ramp and load a pup and vehicle into the back. When it’s time to get back to the race, push the tire-shaped button on top to transform into vehicle launcher! BUILT-IN VEHICLE LAUNCHER: Load any of the Ready, Race, Rescue Pups and their Race & Go Deluxe Vehicles (sold separately) onto the launcher platform. Push the yellow button to launch the car and keep on racing! We loves to make good videos for kids and remember lets keep playing!! Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored, we paid for all the toys.

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