DIY LED Video Wall made in 24 hours

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This is how I made an LED video wall within 24h. It's based on WS2812 controlled RGB LEDs and supported by a wide range of Arduino libraries. Enjoy! SECOND PART: Code: Links to the parts (affiliate links): LEDs $9 a set Nano clone $2 Balls 150pcs for $9 Drill bit set $6 My drill did a great job: US EU Chainsaw: US EU Clamp multi-meter: US: DE: UK: My camera and lens (4k 60fps): Link to Hari's video: plz share :-) Check out my Tindie store to get some of my creations: Consider supporting my lab on Patreon for some extras and frequent updates: I'm also thankful for any donation on PayPal: Twitter: @bitluni reddit: r/bitluni #electronics #diy #LED # neopixel

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