Stuck in Arsuf

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The worst glitch in Assassin's Creed. Description: Exit the game at the end of Memory Block 6. When you restart, you will be alone and stuck in Arsuf with no way to advance. Solution: There's no known solution other than to start a new game. Prevention: After the Arsuf scene there are two "Saving Game" notifications just seconds apart. Do NOT exit the game in between them. The best time to exit the game is after Desmond wakes up from bed and gets on the Animus. This marks the beginning of the next Memory Block. If you found this video because you're stuck in Arsuf, I highly recommend playing through again. Assassin's Creed is even better the second time. Try stealth assassinating all the targets, fighting with the Hidden Blade only, or playing without the use of the map and GPS. On Xbox 360, make sure you get the Conversationalist achievement. Don't despair about the glitch. You're not alone:

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Published at: ۱۰ years ago
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