A beginners guide to TERA - 2019

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Hello, I'm Josh 'Strife' Hayes, and this is a super simple beginners guide to the action MMORPG 'TERA' on PC. TIMESTAMPS (super thanks to reddit user 'milkycup' for these) 00:00 - Introduction, information about TERA itself 02:27 - Character creation 02:56 - Tutorial, basics 04:00 - Past tutorial, experience & leveling, 06:23 - Info about quests 07:23 - Vanguard requests 09:42 - Story quests 11:00 - Dungeons 13:38 - Levelling, skill tree, Skill UI, 15:45 - Glyphs 16:50 - Chained skills 18:55 - Weapons 20:08 - Armor, item shop, enigmatics & enchanting 22:44 - Basic enchanting 24:59 - Crystals 27:48 - Travelling, mounts, flying mounts 29:30 - Teleporting to other maps 30:06 - Tera club This video is aimed at the PC version but the Xbox and PS4 players among you should still find some useful info. This video is designed to give new players the foundation knowledge they will need to level up, and answer a few common questions, it is not aimed at the hardcore endgame players. If you have any questions, i'm normally streaming nightly on twitch at twitch.tv/joshstrifehayes Thank you for watching and have a great day x

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