Learn English color expressions to talk about situations & emotions

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Learn English expressions that use colors like red, blue, pink, green, and white to talk about the way people feel or about situations people are in. These expressions are common and they also make your speech or writing more exciting and varied. I'll teach you expressions such as "tickled pink", "white as a sheet", "green with envy", "brown noser", and more. Do you know what the difference between "red in the face" and "blue in the face" is? I'll teach you, as well as review all the new vocabulary and expressions with practice sentences and lots of examples. TAKE THE QUIZ: https://www.engvid.com/english-color-expressions-situations-emotions/ WATCH MORE OF MY LESSONS ON EXPRESSIONS: 1. BODY PART EXPRESSIONS: https://youtu.be/Emf1sstnzgM 2. ANIMAL EXPRESSIONS & IDIOMS: https://youtu.be/ql4x--ASiuI 3. "DEAL" EXPRESSIONS IN ENGLISH: https://youtu.be/O_7KA-AgZf4 TRANSCRIPT Hmm, hmm, this is really cool. Hi. James from engVid. Right now I'm kind of tickled pink about the information I just got from this. It's on answers while you sleep, lucid dreaming. Why am I telling you all this? Well, today I want to tell you how in English... Or show you in English how we use colours to talk about your mood or your emotions. All right? I'm sure in your own culture you use colour when you talk about something to describe how someone is feeling. And we have... I've got six for you, and I'm going to give you basically what they mean, and I'm going to give you some idioms that go with it. Later on I'm going to also do for you something a little else, I'll show you how we use colours to talk about behaviour, so not just how you think or feel, but how you act. Okay? Give you a couple of those, and then, of course, we'll have our quiz. So, you ready? Let's go to the board. "How are you feeling today?" Well, E, how are you feeling? You're feeling a little flushed, a little blue in the face? No? A little red in the face? Let's go to the board and find out what these colours are. So, let's start with the colour that contains everything, white. When you are white it means you are afraid, scared. Someone might say: "You're as white as a sheet." The reason why they said that is because usually when we're afraid all of the blood goes from your body, from your hands and your feet to your heart so you can run faster if you need to escape. So your colour gets lighter. It doesn't matter what colour you are, funny enough, you get lighter. You can see it in some colour... People of different colours more, but generally put, it means your colour is not there because the blood is not there, you must be afraid. So you're as white as a sheet, like a ghost. Okay? Let's go to the next colour, so we're going a little darker here, yellow. Now, I've gots a big belly. When somebody calls you a yellow belly they're saying: "You're a coward." It means you're weak, you're afraid. Now, this one you're afraid because something scared you. When you're a yellow belly, you're always afraid like a little mouse, you don't want to get into a fight or trouble, you might get hurt. So it means I can never depend on you when the situation is bad because you're too afraid to help. So, while being white means you're afraid of something that just happened, something has scared you, this one means you have no strength. You're the opposite of strong, you're weak. You're a coward, you're afraid of being hurt. Let's go to red. Now, there are two types of red. Sometimes when people are turning red they are angry, like the Hulk. Except the Hulk turns green and we're not turning green. But when you see them getting... Their head starts getting redder and redder or darker in colour, usually what that means is the blood is rushing to their face. Now, in doing that, there are two meanings. The first one is angry. They're like: "[Breathes heavily]". And the face gets redder and redder. You go: "I think they're angry." And we will say: "He's red in the face." Angry, you can see it. You can see the blood and the heat. The second is turning red as in embarrassment. This is funny because in this case the blood comes to the face but it's from embarrassment. You're like: "Oh. My underwear is showing. Oh. I'm embarrassed", and your face gets red. Okay? So one is angry and you can almost feel the heat off of them, and the other one is: "Oh", embarrassment, shame. Okay? So, I'm telling you this because if you hear these two things, like turning red does not mean getting angry. Red in the face is angry, but this one, if someone says you're turning red, it means you've gone from being comfortable to being ashamed. Right? Or embarrassed of what has happened. Let's go to pink. I said to you before I was tickled pink. When you tickle somebody, they: "[Laughs]", they laugh. Okay? So, tickling someone pink means to make them happy.

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