DOOM PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 - Verdant Citadel [100% SECRETS]

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Project Brutality 3.0 is an upcoming version of one of the best available mods for the classic Doom - expect a lot of fun when playing it. Project Brutality will probably be released after the DOOM:Eternal so it might take some time (Doom Eternal gets released in March 2020). Please note that the Project Brutality 3.0 in its current state is still Work In Progress, so bugs are to be expected, including crashes to the desktop! This map has got a total of EIGHTEEN SECRETS to discover, that's a lot for such a map of this size, thankfully most of them are just switches are secret walls elsewhere. Some of them just demand to reach the place in your sight, this map demands jumping to find some of them - if you found a BFG on the map, it's just a not pickable useless prop. Verdant Citadel is full of surprises and ambushes, the difficulty curve is high since the beginning, try to take monsters carefully and conserve the ammo for some weapons. Remember that in Project Brutality 3.0 and Chaotic Random spawn present, it's... random to find the good weapons, for exactly I was unlucky here without the M2 or M1 Plasma Rifles. But I also had a lot of luck with having the Nailgun together with Minigun in my arsenal, both weapons are extremely useful here, especially in small and crowded areas. Nailgun's very high damage output and potential to stunlock the dangerous enemies like Annihilators can be a gamechanger here, headshots deal a lot of damage (as in case of Cyberdemons). You should also look behind you quite often, suddenly lots of Imps might appear from hidden places and storm you with fireballs or leaping attacks, just try to stay safe. If you are really unlucky, you might find few OVERLORDS on the map without a proper gear to fight them back, just find an open place and snipe them from a safe-distance. Overlords are extremely dangerous in small and tight rooms, they also have the potential for infighting with their lightning attacks, with their very high HP they will dominate most of the fights. This map has also got some performance issues with Project Brutality, especially at the end with the elevator sequence - be ready for this, as dozens of enemies will try to take you down without hesitation PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 DISCORD - Project Brutality ModDB - Verdant Citadel - HXRTCHUD for Project Brutality - Flashlight - SimpleHUD addons - Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Font - PainKiller's YT Channel - DOOM Metal Vol. 5 -

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Published at: ۱۱ months ago