Equipment Presentation and a BIG Thank You !!!

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Click to open video description to see links to our website and Facebook page where we regularly post content. Get a Quote: Facebook: Website: We also welcome Mail-In Repairs Video made possible with the help of Marita R. Photography In Order of Appearance: Multimeters: Unit-T UT801: TekPower TP9605BT: Hot Air Stations: Quick 861DA: Quick 860DA: Microscope: Head-Amscope SM745TP: Boom Stand: Camera: Reduction Lens: !!!Remember that we made our own case to make the reduction lens fit this microscope head!!! LED Ring: Power: Power Supply: USB Hub: Shapus L001: Soldering Stations: Quick 203H 90W: Quick 203G 150W: Quick 301 Cleaner: Fume Extractor:¤cy=EUR UV Lamp:

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