Сount Hidden Objects - Om Nom Stories: Fashion Show

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"Om Nom is back in the glorious 3D remaster of the legendary Cut the Rope puzzle game! Cut ropes, avoid obstacles and use power ups to deliver candy to Om Nom. Find the game in Apple Arcade." Download the game in Apple Arcade http://apple.co/-CutTheRopeR 1, 2, 3.. You know how to count! Let's make it harder and hide different objects in pictures, so you have to find them first... Om Nom is sure that this won't stop you! Is he right? 🔴 Watch Om Nom Stories on: 📌 Roku TV: https://bitly.su/RokuTV 📌 KiddZtube: https://bitly.su/KiddZtube 📌 Kidoodle Tv: https://bitly.su/KidoodleTV 📌 PRIME: https://bitly.su/Prime 📌 IFLIX: https://bitly.su/IFLIX 📌 HOOQ: https://bitly.su/HOOQ 📌 Toon Goggles: https://bitly.su/ToonGoggles 📌 PlayKids: https://bitly.su/PlayKids 📌 Tubi TV: https://bitly.su/TubiTV 📌 Battery POP: https://bitly.su/BatteryPOP 📌 Ameba: https://bitly.su/Ameba ------------------------------------------------------ 📌Cut the Rope official site: http://www.cuttherope.net 📌Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/omnomofficial/ 📌Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cut_The_Rope 📌Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cuttheropeo... 📌TikTok: http://vm.tiktok.com/5FJa6j/ 📌 Become a supporter on Facebook to watch the new episodes before we release them on YouTube: https://www.facebook.com/cuttherope/ #OmNom #CountHiddenObjects #OmNomStories #NibbleNom #AppleArcade #CutTheRope #Remastered

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