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IDEAS ARE EVERYTHING, THEY ARE TRANSFORMED FROM OUR THOUGHTS AND DESIRES INTO ACTUAL CREATIONS. WE HAVE FOUND A COLLECTION OF STUNNING WORKS IN MANY STYLES TO SHOW YOU, WHICH HOPEFULLY SPARKS YOUR OWN CREATIVITY, TO MAKE YOUR OWN THOUGHTS INTO REALITY. ( ) Check Out These Amazing Artists: KAWTHAR Instagram: Kawthar is an incredible illustrator who uses Procreate. She creates amazing animations that will not only surprise you due to her talent but also her crazy creativity is out of this world. MP GAUTHERON Instagram: MP Gautheron is a young visual artist from Lyon.She makes unique hand-painted skulls, custom art toys, paintings, silkscreen prints and more to decorate your interiors. Do not hesitate to check out her online shop and social media! ADRIEN N. Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Web: Facebook: Inferno Effects produces high quality, extremely detailed, realistic Halloween masks, props and custom orders SMITESH MISTRY Instagram: Youtube: Web: Dribbble: Smitesh Mistry, a graphic designer with an interest in visual identity and illustration. DAREL CAREY Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Facebook: Twitter: Darel Carey is Dimensional optical art and installation artist with a connection to nature and natural patterns LEONARDO FRIGO Instagram: Leonardo Frigo is a London-based artist who illustrates biographies and stories on musical instruments such as violins and cellos. ERIN Instagram: Web: Erin creates functional unique clay designs to decorate your home above and beyond the norm. FINGER ART MASAYO FUKUDA Instagram: Masayo Fukuda of Tokyo is a master of kirie, the Japanese art of paper cutting. Her beautiful, delicate creations and intricate designs are well known and unique SABEENA KARNIK Instagram: Web: Facebook: Sabeena is a paper illustrator from India. She has been part of several projects from books to magazines, showcasing her incredible creativity in this type of art. VINCENZO SCURUCHI Instagram: Youtube: A crocodile in a pumpkin? An owl in an avocado? A snake in a banana? Vincenzo can do it. He carves animals and weird faces in fruits, not an easy job. DANILO ROOTS Instagram: Looking for amazing mandalas? You found the right person! Danilo is a Brazilian artist who specializes in making amazing graffities of mandalas. And not only that, he also draws animals with the “mandala-style”. FARAH Instagram: A mandala specialist who creates colorful and hand drawn pieces known for their detail and intricacy ELLIE MAC EMBROIDERY Instagram: Web: Ellie Mac adorns jackets and sweatshirts with beautiful florals, leaves, and graceful winged creatures LINDSEY Instagram: Tiktok: Lindsay specializes on pencil drawings and paintings. Her delicacy can be perceived in every single one of her pieces, which are mostly flowers, lips, eyes and animals. Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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