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When competing in your sport depends on you staying in a certain weight class, life can be challenging. When it comes to diet, Canadian Olympic wrestlers Jasmine Mian and Erica Wiebe are at opposite ends of the scale - literally. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/CBCSportsSubscribe Stay Informed with CBC Sports: http://bit.ly/CBCSportsWebsite About CBC Sports: CBC Sports’ strong lineup of live and on demand sport competition streams along with its behind the scenes, athlete and team focused highlight reels, and up to the minute news packs from around the world of sports, provides Canadians with access to the sport content of their choice, when they want it, right at their fingertips. Connect with CBC Sports Online: Twitter: http://bit.ly/CBCSportsTwitter Facebook: http://bit.ly/CBCSportsFB Instagram: http://bit.ly/CBCSportsInsta Google+: http://bit.ly/CBCSportsGooglePlus Wrestlers and Their Dietary Challenges | CBC Sports https://www.youtube.com/user/CBCSports

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Published at: ۳ years ago
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