All Damaged Animatronics & Jumpscares || Five Nights At Gipsy's

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❤ Help IULITM reach 2,000,000 Subscribers! ➥ ★ GAME ➥ ★ My brother's channel ➥ This Series has no effect on the Updated Series of FNAG. The year is 1998. 10 years after Fazbear and Fazfox Playpark Shut down. All animatronics were send to Fazbear Storage. The reason the FFP shut down due to all animatronics being Damaged. You are Michael Afton. You have been assign as Night-guard to watch the Storage Warehouse. You will be.... Fine #fnaf Official Site: FNAF Channel: ❤ GOD BLESS YOU ❤

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Published at: 5 years ago