13 Things to do in the Snow

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So, me and Sam are back with a new video!! We are off of school because of the snow and we decided to make a video(: It has hardly snowed all winter, and now finally, just when I am gearing up for spring, it snows. -_- Anyway, we had a lot of fun making this, hope you like it(: Don't Forget to SUBSCRIBE for more videos! Video Facts: #1: This was by far the fastest and easiest video to film/edit in a looonngg time! #2: My dad actually did the special effect at the end on his ipad #3: It took me the longest to find different songs for each of the different clips #4: While we were filming, the neighbors dog got loose and we had to grab him and take him back home

Published by: Moriah Elizabeth
Published at: ۷ years ago
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