Top 10 Funny Darts Moments: a Video of Darts Fails and Crazy Moments on the Darts Stage

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Here's a collection of our Top 10 funny darts moments and darts fails that have been caught on the TV cameras over the years. Darts can be a funny game and this collection has clips of some of the best moments, including darts player trips, miscounts and much more. In Germany? Get a Dartboard → In USA? Get a Dartboard → In UK? Get a Dartboard → If you're new, Subscribe! → Website → Checkout at 8 Dart Finish for darts tips, darts playing advice, dartboard games, dartboard reviews and much more.... Our Other Videos: The Darts Anthem (Chase the Sun) → Worst Darts Fail Ever?? →

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Published at: ۲ years ago
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