What I wore to go in the woods and take photos for a book cover

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Here's something you probably don't know about me: I write erotica short stories, and what you need for a short story in order to self-publish it, be it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. or in my case, at my bookstore, https://mistymacbookstore.com, is a book cover. For the cover of my story "PRAYING THE MANTIS", which is a ...how should I put this?... a fantastical story about a praying mantis that doesn't end well for the mantis, unfortunately. But since it's a story about an insect, I thought for a book cover I would go and take photos in the woods. And I wore this bright neon yellow bra and bright blue panties because the world of insects is a colorful one - what I mean is that some insects, like the butterflies for instance, perceive a lot more colors than we do, so they see the world very colorful. Anyway... that's basically how I do things as a self-published author. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to see more, and I'll see you next time. To see the photos from this photoshoot, go here: https://www.patreon.com/mistymacallister Where else you can find me: To see exclusive photos and videos, go here: https://www.patreon.com/mistymacallister Check out my fiction here: https://mistymacbookstore.com INSTAGRAM: @mistymacallister TWITTER: @mistymacall TUMBLR: @mistymacallister

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Published at: ۱ year ago
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