Install Bluetooth Helmet Communicators | Uclear HBC 200 HD Force | Boom Mic



Here is how to install a Bluetooth Helmet headset communicator into a Ski-Doo BRP BV2S Helmet. I show you how to install a stereo microphone setup like the UClear Communicators as well as a generic headset with a boom microphone. This video may also be helpful if you want to know how to take apart a skidoo brp bvs2 helmet to wash the inside cloth material and padding. Enjoy These instructions should work for UClear, Collett Communicator, Sena 30K, 20S EVO, 10S, SMH10 Series, 10C, SPH10H-FM Serties, Freewire, Freecom cardo scala rider, Packtalk Bold, pack talk slim, Smarth, SHO-1, Q-Solo, HWY2 Air A.I.R. Bluetooth communicator, Chatterbox, and many motorcycle snowmobile head set comms from eBay, Amazon, FortNine, and more. #installbluetooth#helmettohelmetcommunication#helmetcommunicator#helmetcommunicators#howto#bluetoothhelmet#bluetoothheadsetcommunication#bluetoothhelmetheadset Subscribe: Join our Patreon Community: Donate (Buy us a round): ---- We love hearing from you guys. Send us a note at the address below :) Want us to try out a product? Send it here. If it works well you may even see it featured in a video. Mudbrats ADV Gary Porter Box 558 Ayr ON, N0B 1E0 Canada

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