The Search for Zero's Lost RX-7 FC3S | Wangan Midnight

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Koichi Kijima is a car enthusiast who was once a talented racecar driver and head of the "Zero" racing and tuning team. Their best car was a 500hp RX-7 FC3S. Now, over 5 years later he finds himself pulled back into the tuner crowd and longs to race the legendary S30 "Devil Z" and Porsche 964 "Blackbird" on the streets. But were is his boosted-up FC now? It's up to Kijima to track it down if he wants a fighting chance against the "Blackbird" and "Devil Z". This is a compilation of clips from multiple episodes featuring Kijima from the Wangan Midnight anime racing series. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy the video! ***LINK TO PART 2 (Race):

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