🇨🇳China's V-Day Military Parade 2015 in Beijing [English/Chinese Subtitles] | 中国抗战胜利70周年大阅兵 [中英字幕]

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All Patriotic songs performed by Chinese military choir in the parade: 1.Song of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Military and Political University 15:41 (Also called Song of the Military Academy, written in November 1937) 2. Defending the Yellow River (Written in March 1939) 17:33 3. Guerrillas' Song (Written in 1937) 19:38 4. In the Taihang Mountains (Written in July 1938) 21:40 5. Song for Our Strong Army (Written in 2013) 25:01 6. The People's Army Is Loyal to the Party (Written in 1960) 1:08:30 7. Unity Is Strength (Written in 1943) 1:12:09 All martial music played by Chinese military band in the parade: 1. Welcome March 28:15 2. Horns of Reviewing Troops 54:23 3. Anthem of the Chinese People's Liberation Army 55:41 4. Reviewing March of the Chinese People's Liberation Army 56:48 5. Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention 57:24 6. Song of the Military Academy 58:20 7. Call of Victory 59:21 8. Toward the Sea 1:01:28 9. Glorious Return in Triumph 1:03:32 10. Song for Our Strong Army 1:05:25 11. March of the Armed Forces 1:14:34 12. When That Day Comes 1:36:58 13. Heroes of Our Time 1:38:05 14. Song of Loyal Guards 1:43:52 15. March of the Military Bearing 1:44:41 16. The People's Navy Marches Forward 1:46:50 17. March of the Second Artillery Troops 1:49:03 18. Ready for Action 1:55:35 19. March of the Air Force 1:58:57 20. Setting Out Again from Gutian 2:03:46 21. Ode to the Motherland 2:11:09 All weapons and service troops appeared in the parade: ZTZ-99A Main Battle Tank ZBD-04A Infantry Fighting Vehicle ZBD-03 Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle HJ-10 Anti-Tank Missile PLZ-05 155mm Self-Propelled Gun-Howitzer ZBL-11 Wheeled Armored Fighting Vehicle DF Light Assault Vehicle DF Anti-Terriosm Assault Vehicle PGZ-07 35mm Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun HQ-9 Active Radar Homing Surface to Air Missile HQ-12 &HQ-6A Surface to Air Missile HQ-10 Ship-Based Surface to Air Missile YJ-12 Supersonic Anti-Ship Missile YJ-62 Land-Based Anti-Ship Missile DF-15B &DF-16 Short-Range Ballistic Missiles DF-21D Medium-Range Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile DF-10A Cruise Missile DF-26 Medium-Range Ballistic Missile DF-31A Intercontinental Ballistic Missile DF-5B Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Vehicle-Based Early Warning Radar GJ-1, BZK-005 &JWP02 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Communication Electronics Command System Logistical Supply Vehicles Maintenance Vehicles Medical Service Troops (Norman Bethune Military Medical University) KJ-2000 AWACS & PLA August 1st Aerobatic Team (J-10A Fighter) KJ-500 AWACS Y-8 ELINT Aircraft & J-10A Fighter Y-8 ELINT Aircraft &J-11A Fighter KJ-200 AWACS &Y-8 AEW Aircraft JH-7A (FBC-1) Fighter-Bomber (Naval version) H-6K Bomber H-6U Aerial Tanker &J-10A Fighter J-11B Fighter J-10A Fighter J-15 Carrier-Based Fighter Z-8A, Z-9, Z-10 &Z-19 Helicopters #中国阅兵#中国军事#2015抗战胜利70周年

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