SketchUp to GCode Plugin

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I've written a plugin to export GCode directly from SketchUp, that I've designated open-source under GPLv3. The GCode is optimised for laser cutters, compensates for laser beam width, and will always cut the holes in faces before the outer edges for greater accuracy. You can download the plugin here: This video is the follow up to my last video about generating GCode from a SketchUp model. I realised that the dxf to gcode converter I was using couldn't compensate for laser beam / tool width because DXF files (at least the flavour I had access to) don't contain information about faces. So I cut out the middle man and wrote my own SketchUp plugin. I'll be writing plugins for SketchUp other types of CNC machines, and extending the capabilities of the laser plugin, in the near future. Do subscribe to receive updates!

Published by: OpenTronic
Published at: 5 years ago
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