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Winx Club™ - Winx Flyrix Transformation [HD]


This is the official video of all the Winx Flyrix transformations. I made this video as a tribute to the wonderful Laylaistdoof because she is so amazing and very talented. Please go to her channel and watch her original creations and her other videos, I promise you: it sure is worth it! I am not stealing these creations made by Laylaistdoof, I am just collecting them in this video to show how much respect I have for Laylaistdoof! She gets all the credit for everything except the merging of the individual videos and the editing of the music. And Laylaistdoof, if you watch this video and read this: You are so amazingly talented. I made this video to prove the people how talented you are! I hope you like this video! You get all the credit for your work and all the honour goes to you. If you don't like me having this video on my account then please mail me so I can remove it. copy it if you want to, your name isn't in this video for nothing! I really hope you like it! The credits of the Flyrix wings and outfit go to TaTa. All Music Credits go to: (c) Viacom (c) Rainbow (c) Foreign Media (c) Nickelodeon (c) Laylaistdoof (c)Valkyriewinxclub is only involved in the merging of the videos and the modifying of the music. The making of the videos is the work of Laylaistdoof. That is why she should and will get all the credit for the big part she played in the making of this video. For questions about the used tools and programs please go visit Laylaistdoof her account. http://www.youtube.com/user/LaylaistdoofFanArts BTW, he, Laylaistdoof, gave me permission to upload this as ValkyrieWinxClub, but as that account 'died', I had to re-upload it. Laylaistdoof is kind of busy with his study but if he decides that I have to remove it anyway, I will remove it immediately.

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