Wreck This Journal 3

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Hey! It is time for Wreck This Journal #3!!!!! I have kind of gotten into a rhythm with these videos and it has been a weekly thing for the most part. Since I am going to be done with the semester in a week, I can almost guarantee that I can keep up with that pace until the series ends! Thanks For Watching, please subscribe for more!! Video Facts: 1.) I had to adjust the lighting in editing because the whole video was really dark -_- 2.) I overloaded my hard drive with all the video clip....once again 3.) I had an idea the other day...once I finish this Wreck this Journal, I was thinking of doing a video of a comparison of my old and new wreck this journals side by side. If you would want to see that please let me know! 4.) 2:30 my second attempt trying to draw a frog 5.) to decorate the tongue painting page, i used a circle stencil and colored pencils 6.) the newspaper page took forever and sucked up all my energy, so for the rest of the video I was exhausted....it might have had something to do with the fact that it was 3 in the morning too lol 7.) no enthusiasm in the end...and then 6:43 random burst of energy haha 8.) note to self: do not put the book over my face while trying to talk haha 9.) I have 2 pages to decorate and show you next week! 10.) the whole time i was wrecking the journal, the really old and cheesy show "the saddle club" was playing....haha its is kind of embarrassing...

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