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Eduonix brings this exclusive video for you in which you will learn how to create a basic Laravel website. This series contains different aspects of Laravel such as routes, views, controller models, migrations and so on. In the end, you will be able to create your own website using Laravel 5. Get 15% OFF on this entire course along with certification here: http://bit.ly/2ModbLN ( use coupon - YTEDU) ➡Get 10% flat off on the Below full E-Degree with certification - (APPLY COUPON - YTDEG) The eduonix BIG Winter Sale is here and we’re giving you 6 exceptional offers so you learn more and be more. Log on now to know more. http://bit.ly/2tnX20I Learn from Eduonix with the best offers: Projects In Laravel : Learn Laravel Building 10 Projects - http://bit.ly/36GLPH0 MERN Stack Developer E-Degree Program - http://bit.ly/2PR8V6Y ★★★The Best courses to do with Eduonix with 90% OFF are - 1.Learn Machine Learning By Building Projects - http://bit.ly/2MxMSSl 2.The Complete Web Development Course - Build 15 Projects - http://bit.ly/32Ah9oW 3.The Full Stack Web Development - http://bit.ly/2MZDBRV 4.Projects In Laravel : Learn Laravel Building 10 Projects - http://bit.ly/2MAiHtH 5.Mathematical Foundation For Machine Learning and AI - http://bit.ly/2N23Eb1 6.Angular 8 (formerly Angular 2) - The Complete Guide - http://bit.ly/2P7YA7Q 7.React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks- React Router- Redux) - http://bit.ly/35S4Q9A 8.Projects in Docker - http://bit.ly/35WRl8X 9.Flutter & Dart - The Complete Flutter App Development Course - http://bit.ly/2P7dbQS 10.Project in DevOps - Learn Real World DevOps - http://bit.ly/32B0S3o 11.Learn Python by Building a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency - http://bit.ly/2MYRnnT 12.Ethical Hacking Ultimate Course - http://bit.ly/2J8vktE 13.Learn Android Development From Scratch - http://bit.ly/35OYc42 14.Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router and Vuex) - http://bit.ly/2JaxQQf 15.Projects in Django : Learn Django Building Projects - http://bit.ly/33SX2mp 16.React for Absolute Beginners - http://bit.ly/33Pz3Ve 17.Projects in MongoDB - Learn MongoDB Building Projects - http://bit.ly/2W0eTF7 18.Projects in Enterprise Java - http://bit.ly/31t6r2k 19.The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6 (2019) - http://bit.ly/2JayvkH ➡Get 15% flat off on the below courses with certification - (APPLY COPOUN - YTEDU) ⚫Python Programming An Expert Guide on Python - http://bit.ly/2Bp75Dj ⚫Python Programming Learn Python with 100+ Practicals - http://bit.ly/2oIklAx ⚫Data Science: Foundations & Regression (Python) - http://bit.ly/2OYBZuw ⚫Python + Data Science: Practical Guide- http://bit.ly/31r4Qda ★★★learn for FREE with CERTIFICATIONS★★★ ⚫ Ultimate Java Development and Certification Course - http://bit.ly/2BeT0II ⚫ Java Programming Course for Beginner From Scratch - http://bit.ly/2Bbp3Ju ⚫Learn How to Create a TextEditor with Java - http://bit.ly/2VODNrd ★★★See trending YouTube Videos on Laravel★★★ ⚫ Laravel Tutorial: Build a Basic Laravel Website | Laravel 5.8| (Part 1/2) | Eduonix :-http://bit.ly/2Q6OtCw ⚫ Laravel Tutorial : Build a Basic Laravel Website | Laravel 5.8| (Part 2/2) | Eduonix :- http://bit.ly/2Q82W0R ⚫ Laravel 5 Tutorial: Backpack Site Setup | Laravel 5| | Eduonix :-http://bit.ly/2ZTFB7v Thank you for watching! We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to hit the ‘like’ button and ‘subscribe’ to ‘Eduonix Learning Solutions’ for regular updates. https://goo.gl/BCmVLG Follow Eduonix on other social networks: ■ Facebook: http://bit.ly/2nL2p59 ■ Linkedin: http://bit.ly/2nKWhKa ■ Instagram: http://bit.ly/2nL8TRu | @eduonix ■ Twitter: http://bit.ly/2eKnxq8

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