Stathis Psillos: Engaging philosophy: Einstein on the Method of Science



Albert Einstein said that scientists are poor philosophers. Yet, he added that especially in periods of scientific revolutions, scientists should engage in philosophy and should not “surrender to philosophers the critical contemplation of the theoretical foundations” of science. In this talk I will aim to critically examine Einstein’s views on the method of science by placing them within the context of his own historical narrative concerning the crisis of science in the beginning of the twentieth century and the emergence of his theories of relativity. I will stress that his key philosophical endeavour was to clarify the relation between theory and experience. Presented as part of the philosophy lecture series, Einstein: Philosopher/Scientist, co-hosted by the London Public Library. Stathis Psillos, Western University October 14, 2015 Visit the Rotman website for more information on applications, events, project descriptions and openings. Follow The Rotman Institute on Twitter: Like The Rotman Institute on Facebook: Subscribe to our channel:

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