Cardboard Creative Ideas & 19 Other Cool Things

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Today we have another classic episode of Quantastic, full of whacky and wonderful artistic ideas out there on the internet today. From turning plastic bags into clothes to Pro Create tutorials, as usual we have it all for you to enjoy. Check Out These Amazing Artists: MOTIVATED BY MYLAN Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Web: Mylan Murphy is an American motivational speaker and entrepreneur. GUHIT JES Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Guhit Jes is from Pasay City, Philippines. He works with multiple pens at once creating multiple pieces. DAVID BECK Instagram: Tiktok: Other: Agency: David Beck's balloon popping videos have garnered hundreds of millions of views and turned TikTok into a full-time job LEXI ARGY Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Lessi is a talented artist who creates custom designs and clothing CECILE DAVIDOVICI Instagram: Web: Cecile Davidovici is a paris based threads visual artist HAS Instagram: Tiktok: Famous for his DIY clouds tutorial, Has is funny and talented EPIC CARDBOARD PROPS Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Epic Cardboard Props has an incredible YouTube channel and is an amazing artist On my channel I teach you how to make mind blowing props from movies using only cardboard and a few tools that you can easily get hold of, so you can make yours!¨in the description box as well LEVELHEADY Instagram: DANIEL SERVA Instagram: PAPERBOYO Instagram: Facebook: Rich McCor known as paperboyo creates photographies changing his reality with drawings. His work became so famous Will Smith collaborated in one of his videos. Don't miss out on his new projects! REM ALTWAIN Instagram: Reem Altwain is a digital artist, full of innovation, who regularly updates her Instagram account with her unique designs DT WORKSHOP Instagram: Tiktok: DT WORKSHOP is a creative studio specialised in paper design 4ELEMENTS ARTIST- GEORGE CHARRIEZ Instagram: Youtube: Web: Facebook: George Charriez is a Visual Storyteller, Pyrographer, and Oil Painter WEIRD SCULPTURE Etsy: GAKUGAKUGAKUGAKUGAKU1 Instagram: VINCENT BAL Instagram: Youtube: Vincent Bal is a Belgian filmmaker and artist. MANNINGKRULL Instagram: KTOCTOPUS Instagram: Tiktok: Shop: Killer Tentacle Octopus is an LA based artist and who loves making mystical bright pieces GRACE XU Instagram: Tiktok: Her profile says "odd mix of diy, finance, fashion & general chaos" NOOR ALMAHDI Instagram: Youtube: Shop: Noor Almahdi is a Self taught artist who uses tape and pencils to draw stunning fashion images LUMA_LLAMA Instagram: Youtube: Web: Other: Ian Ruhfass is an Illustrator who loves to use Procreate MCKAYLE Instagram: Youtube: Mckayle, Is a contemporary-pop artist who goes by Mochabeanzzz based out of Los Angeles California Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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