Preserving An Indigenous Heritage: Nomads' Odyssey



This video is made for our crowdfunding campaign: "An Attempt to Revive/Preserve Persian Nomads Lifestyle & Culture" in which you can buy Organic Produce & nomadic Handicrafts. Short Summary of IRANomad: We empower nomadic communities, too often marginalized by governments and settled folks. Their know-how, traditions, relations to the environment are unique, endangered, and need to be sustained. As a newly established eco-tourism and the organic market, we aim to preserve the nomadic lifestyle by organizing Kooch (transhumance) tours with nomad families and sell numerous of their organic produce and handicrafts on our online store. Our work contributes to : - Bring supplementary income to nomad families -Teach values of nomads' minimalist lifestyle to travelers - Grow nomad people’s self-esteem about their lifestyle - Reinforce the pride in their heritage - Support the continuing of traditional customs - Promote the role nomadic lifestyle has in the preservation of Iran's unique ecosystem However, due to Covid19, we have been unable to conduct tours in partnership with nomad families. The online IRANomad Market started in the global Covid-19 pandemic as a solution to keep our social business alive, pursuing both the social goal of "revival of the nomadic intangible assets" and the business goal of "financial independence". Today, your support means everything in our goal of saving Iran's indigenous people. In This Campaign We need you to support our efforts to maintain, despite all current difficulties, our goals of supporting nomadic communities and families. To achieve this, we need : - a committed team working - means to develop the nomad market for sharing their productions - communication tools and content to share the uniqueness of the nomadic lifestyle As a sign of gratitude for your support, we will offer you unique and personal gifts. These gifts are 100% natural and hand-made, living proofs of the traditional handicrafts and special relations with the environment of the nomads. Coming straight from nomad families, these gifts will be a special acknowledgment of your commitment. Our Referal Contest Share our campaign & even earn money by being our ambassadors and promoting this campaign. Read more about our referral contest here and see how you could get a free Kooch tour or earn money while contributing to a cultural cause. Read more...

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