Automatic mushroom powder growing bagging filling machine



Mushroom bagging machine is used to filling the growing bags such as oyster mushroom ,pleurotus and other agaric. This automatic mushroom bagging machine adopts the advanced electromagnetic clutch, and choose electric control switch, improved charging elastic brake control system. 1.The machine just need one person cover the bag into filling tube and we have automatically seal it.So it can save labor. 2.It can working without hurting bags. The length of this machine is adjustable, bagging 3.Tightness and bagging specification is adjustable. Bag mouth folding diameter 15-23 cm, bag length 10-63cm. 4.Equipped with three high-speed optical axis slide with good stability and long service life If you are interested in our mushroom powder bagging filling machine,please feel free to contact me. Whatsapp/wechat:+86 15238068253

Published by: Lina Zhang
Published at: ۱ year ago
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